Deposit Check Payments Right From Your Business Location

It can be hard to find the time to run to the bank every time a payment comes in but as a business you need to make sure your money is always working for you just as hard as you work to make it! With Standard Corporate Bank’s remote deposit capture, you can now expedite the processing of your deposits without going into the bank. You can securely submit deposits directly from your business or office electronically with an easy-to-use desktop scanner. All you need is your computer, internet service and a scanner along with software provided by Standard Corporate Bank.

Enjoy the Benefits

  • Saves Time – You no longer have to make a trip to the branch to make a deposit
  • Convenient – Deposits can be submitted 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and deposits made by 5:00 pm ET Monday-Friday, are processed the same business day.
  • Easy to Use – Just scan your checks, balance your deposit and click submit
  • Secure – Business deposits made in this manner are secure

Enroll now and receive the first 30 days free of charge (domestic customers only). A $50 monthly fee will be charged thereafter along with a $0.15 per item fee. * For more information visit your nearest branch or contact your banking officer.

* Subject to change without notice.